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The following method is suggested:

  • Stand on the inside of the vehicle facing out. Lower door with pull strap until lift handle can be reached.
  • With one hand on the lift handle or lock handle and both feet on the vehicle floor, move under the door and face the closed end of the vehicle.
  • Place free hand on frame-mounted vertical handhold (grasp handle). Pull the roll up door farther down as necessary so that pull strap can be reached from the ground.
  • Place one foot on ICC bumper.
  • Place other foot on ICC bumper or step to ground.
Note: If steps and/or grasp handles are damaged or missing, have them replaced immediately. If circumstances require use before replacement, climb down from the center of the vehicle body using the ICC bumper. The vehicle sill and the ICC bumper should be used for maintaining at least two of the three points of contact. The lift handle or lock handle may be used as a third point of contact, but only for stability, and not for support. After moving under the door and facing the closed end of the vehicle, bend down and place free hand on vehicle floor. Pull the roll up door farther down as necessary. Use the ICC bumper to step to the ground.

If your vehicle is to be used other than for dock-to-dock loading and unloading, you may want to equip it with a different pull strap to simplify lowering the door.

TODCO will provide pull straps in any length, along with mounting brackets. You should determine what strap length is required for your particular usage.

TODCO also offers a pull strap which attaches to the sidewall of the vehicle to minimize interference with loading and unloading.

Please contact your TODCO sales representative or the Sales Office at (740) 383-6376 for more information.

An roll up door is a large, heavy object that moves with the help of a spring that is under high tension. Since moving objects and springs under tension can cause injuries or death, your safety and the proper operation of the door depend on you doing the following:

  1. Inspect all fasteners. Tighten or replace loose fasteners on lift handle, lock, pull strap, and hinges.

    Inspect pull strap. Have frayed, worn or damaged strap replaced. Do not tie anything to pull strap. Longer straps are available from TODCO.
  2. Do not operate door with a broken counterbalance spring. The door will not be counterbalanced and will fall if opened. Have trained service person replace spring.


  1. Check lock movement. Lubricate with light oil such as TODCO Lube (not grease) if movement is stiff. Have worn or damaged lock replaced.
  2. Keep three limbs in contact with vehicle (2 hands and 1 foot, or 2 feet and 1 hand) when climbing in or out. Do not use the pull strap to help you get in or out.
  3. Check door movement. If door is hard to move, lubricate rollers, counterbalance spring and bearings, and hinges with TODCO Lube. Have damaged or worn rollers and hinges replaced. If door is still hard to move, have a trained service person check it. Do not try to adjust or repair the spring or counterbalance assembly.
  4. Check cable attachment. Have frayed, damaged or worn cables replaced. Cable drums should be snug against bearings. Have trained service person replace cables and adjust cable drums.
  5. Make sure tracks and door openings are not blocked. Do not stand in or walk through doorway when door is moving.


  1. Close and lock door before driving vehicle.


  1. Do not ATTACH ANYTHING TO, OR MODIFY DOOR. Use genuine TODCO parts for replacement.
  2. High-pressure wash or harsh cleaning solutions can damage paint.
  3. Have worn or faded warning stickers replaced. Do not paint over warning stickers.
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